Raket(Self Aware)

Tactics on Omega Point EP available Tuesday!

Tachyon on Omega Point EP available Tuesday!

preview of our new tune taking it back to the days of Drum & Bass warehouse vibes

There is a preview of my new tune Free-Key Sounds up on my page on Theoryon.com
Theoryon Records will be releasing it for free when we hit 500 shares so keep an eye out!

Rancid Recordings releases for Raket and Self Aware!

Coming out this October, Self Aware’s debut EP Omega Point feat Carbon Cypher!

Coming this winter on Rancid Records Darkness Falls album. Tons of killer Drum & Bass tunes on this one!

I recently did a remix for Jordana who used to go by 1.8.7. A pioneer in the States Side Jungle/Drum & Bass scene. This will be featured on her upcoming EP.

This is a Drum & Bass remix I did of a song that just hits the right nerve. Gary Jules - Mad World from Donnie Darko. 

*FREE* MP3 download

Dark Raga Jungle mix of TOK’s Chi Chi Man